Large West Coast Practice

HI-MSO, a professional management service organization representing a large West Coast IVF practice, made the decision to migrate to a new EMR to improve patient care and clinical efficiency. Understanding it was best to host the new EMR in a secure offsite location, they selected a new hosting partner from among the list provided by the EMR vendor.

Unfortunately, many months (7-8) of onboarding effort resulted in frustration, practice productivity obstacles and ultimately a failed deployment. Suffering through the prolonged deployment, constant disconnections and licensing errors, they searched for a more competent partner.

After the initial poor experience, HI-MSO looked for a partner that would properly guide them and give them viable options that would yield the benefits of their selected EMR. After speaking with the team at IVFCloud, it was clear IVF Cloud had both the technical knowledge, expertise and equally as important, the industry-specific knowledge, needed as their viable partner.

“What I find that’s great and comforting was that IVFCloud has a real in-depth knowledge and understanding of our EMR. We found a true integrator with the product we were using. Which is huge!”

“Our EMR is our bread-and-butter. The platform you choose to put it on needs to understand how it works.”

“I appreciate their methodical preparedness of how we deploy our status meeting and agenda. It was professionally done. It was organized with timelines, goals and milestones to reach – and we achieved that. Everything I’ve asked of them, they have delivered.”

“With IVFCloud’s guidance, we are out-delivering on our original goals. On their recommendation, we have upgraded our hardware infrastructure beyond what was required.  They are experienced enough to recommend what they know is best for us. That is a great example of the trust that exists in the strong partnership we have developed.”

“The IVFCloud team has helped us achieve what we want but has always been clear to communicate what we need. I appreciate their frankness and directness. It is very much appreciated.”

Spring Fertility

“Security is paramount to us — data breaches, HIPAA violations, and other threats could have a real and material impact on our business,” says Derald. “Mathe has always been and continues to be security-focused, from third-party audits to their strong HIPAA compliance policies.”

The Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science at Saint Barnabas

“In addition to being available 365/24/7 and actually be able to speak with a human who can help, Mathe has been an invaluable asset in our transition to a more sophisticated and comprehensive IT environment. Under Mathe’s tutelage and guidance, we’ve moved to a state of the art stable and reliable network. Mathe must be commended for their forward and proactive thinking for integration of current hardware and software. Be it hardware or software, Mathe has always been there to fine tune matters as we have moved forward. Simply put, the Mathe team is a good one.”

Southern California Fertility Center

“They were great to work with, their tech support was great, their knowledge, they’re always up on everything. The security, the HIPAA compliance, everything you could ever want in a company, and they’re easy to work with.”

Huntington Reproductive Centers

“Mathe doesn’t just provide IT management and direct IT support — they go above and beyond to help wherever they can.”