We initiated our first secure private cloud in 2000 for a very forward thinking IVF Practice client in NYC. With the high cost of real estate in mid-town Manhattan, they realized moving their servers from their office to a more secure data center would not only free up valuable office space, but also free them from the need to provide the right environment and security for these valuable resources, with the added bonus of being able to access their EMR from anywhere on any device. And this was long before the days of HIPAA/HITECH.

Flash forward to today, with the onset of cyber crime, and the value of all the data contained in an EMR being the target for many cyber criminals, foreign and domestic. Simply put, every medical practice today needs to have a platform that is HIPAA/ITECH compliant, secure, 100% reliable, monitored and managed, and easy to use and flexible.

As for us, we started business in 1990 as a Networking company serving Fortune 500 companies, and most of our employees came from large Enterprise IT. We spun up Business Continuity practice in 1995 focused on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery which quickly rose to be ranked in the top 3% of the industry. This became the nucleus of IVFCloud.



Our philosophy was (and continues to be) to make available to practices of all sizes the Business Continuity, security, and reliability enjoyed by the Fortune 500, yet affordable for any practice, and to that end we have leveraged Secure Private Cloud technology. IVFCloud reflects our focus on this very important field of medicine, as our businesses and client base have grown in support of this field. We work with most any EMR, and are the power behind the IdeasCloud offering from Mellowood Medical.

We understand the intricacies of the technology you use every day to diagnose and treat your patients, and how they interconnect and interact with the core EMR to deliver a holistic view of the patient record. We believe we share the responsibility and risk of protecting your patient’s PHI, as well as your valuable business data, and as such carry the appropriate insurance coverage for both E&O as well as cyber liability.



We welcome your inquiries to see if IVFCloud could be the next logical progression for your IT environment. Please feel free to contact us at info@ivfcloud.com